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Simply Stained Glass - Product Index
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Classic Gel Flux
Novacan Copper Patina
Venture Tape Silver Back Copper Foil 1/8
1 1/2" x1 1/2" Bevel
1" x 1" Bevels
1.5" x 36" Rectangle Bevel
1/8" Fibre Paper
16 AWG Tinned Copper Wire
18 AWG Tinned Copper Wire
2" x 2" Bevels
2" x 2" Star Bevel
2" x 3" Diamond Bevel
2" x 3" Diamond Gluechip
2" x 8" Gluechip Bevel
3" x 3" Triangle Bevel
3/4" x 3" Rectangle Gluechip Bevel
Antique black Chain
Black Chain
Black patina Novocan
Bullseye Glastac Glue
Bumble Bee Nightlight
Cascade Re-strip 25ft
Cementing Brush
Clarity Compound finish
Clean All
Coe 96 Frit Coarse (Choose your color)
Coe96 fine frit (Choose your color)
COE96 Medium frit (Choose your color)
Copper Chain
Coppermate Paste
Cord set
Dichroic glass frit flakes Coe 90
Easy-Cut Lens Cutter
Edco Black Coated Foil 3/16"
Edco Black Coated Foil 5/32"
Edco Black Coated Foil 7/32"
Edco Copper Foil 1/4"
Edco Copper Foil 3/16"
Edco Copper Foil 7/32"
Edco Silver Coated Foil 1/4"
Edco Silver Coated Foil 3/16
Edco Silver Coated Foil 7/32"
Find- Its Jewelry Bails
Find -Its Jewelry Parts
Fire Truck Nightlight
Fish Nightlight
Fletcher "Designer II" Replacement Head
Flux Brush
Foil Pattern Shears
Fuse Master Liquid Stringer
Fused Glass Cat and Dog Magnets
Fused Glass Owl Magnet
Fused Glass Owl Night Light
Fusing Wire NC 20
Fusing Wire NC17
Glass Brush
Glass Pro stained glass putty
Glass x12 sheets
Glastar 1" grinding head
Glastar 1/4 grinding bit
Glastar 1/4" Head Adaptor
Glastar 1/8 grinding bit
Glastar Diamond Star Grinder
Glastar hand foiler and crimper
Gold Snowman Paint Marker
Green Dichroic Glass
Hakko FX 601 Soldering Iron
Jax Brown / Black Darkener
Jax Green Patina
Jax Pewter Black
Jewelry Box Hinge
Jiffy Artline 400 Paint Marker
Kwik Clean
Laser Etched Nature Pack
Lay Out Add-Ons
Layout block system
Lead came wood fid
Lead Pattern Shears
Lead Shears
Lead Stretcher
Leponitt Metal Running Pliers
Leponitt Narrow Jaw Grozier
Leponitt Metal Springed l Running Pliers
Leponitt Mosaic Cutters
lLeponittUpgtaded Grozier/Breaker
MasterFoil Plus Copper
Morton Glass Works Portable Glass Shop
Morton Teeny Circle System
Mr Splash Grinder Surround
New Wave Black Back Copper Foil Edge Trim
New Wave Copper Foil Edge Trim
New Wave Silver Back Copper Foil Edge Trim
Nick's grinder mate
Night light
No Days Glass Fusing Adhesive
Novacan Black Patina for Zinc
Novacan Cutting Oil
Novacan grinder coolant
Novacan Old Master's Flux
Owl Nightlight
Pineapple Nightlight
Pink/ Purple Dichroic Glass
Pistol Grip Glass Cutter
Radius specialty grinding head
Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block
Smooth Roller
Stained Glass Beginner Kit
Star Bevel 3 x 3
Star Bevel 4 x 4
Star Bevels 2 x 2
Star Wars Nightlight
Taurus 11 or 3 belt
Taurus 3 Accessory Kit
Taurus 3 Burnt Orange Groove Grommet
Taurus 3 replacement blade kit
Thin Fire Fibre Paper
Tip replacements
Toyo Supercutters
Toyo Supercutters
Twofers Glass Grinding Bits 1"
Twofers Glass Grinding Bits 3/4"
Val Cox frit blends
Value Brand Brass Glass Cutter
Value Brand Replacement Cutter Head
Value Carbide Oil Cutters
Weller Bench Top Smoke Absorber
Weller Professional Stained Glass Iron
Weller Soldering Iron Stand
Xcelite Five Precision Blades
Xcelite XN-100 Precision Knife
Zinc Chain
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